Season Information

2024 Season

Prepare for a memorable season of rugby league!

Register to be part of the 2024 season and experience a year brimming with exciting rugby action. Participants of all ages can look forward to spirited matches, engaging training sessions to enhance their skills, and the opportunity to be a valuable member of the team.

In 2024, we are committed to helping all participants master the intricacies of the game while fostering important values like teamwork and respect. This upcoming season promises growth, fun, and a wealth of treasured memories for everyone involved.

2024 Registration Fees

Download the fees for the 2024 season

Player Development

Development Manager: Michael De Vere

Coaching Coordinators: Shaun McRae & Wayne Smith

Our 2024 Season Registrations open on Friday 8th December 2023.

At Carina Juniors registration and payment of fees is online only. We do not offer payment plans. We do accept FairPlay Vouchers. Players must be registered before they start training.

NEW PLAYERS will need to upload a copy of their Birth Certificate and a Head and Shoulder Photo.

UNDER 6 & UNDER 7 AGE GROUPS – If you’d like your child to play in our Under 6 or Under 7 age groups, please select Player LeagueTag when registering, not Player Tackle. If your child is 7 and would like to play up in our Under 8 age group, please select Player Tackle.

JUNIOR TRANSFERS – The league may not look at junior transfers until February 2024.

REGISTRAR: Nicole Beven

SECRETARY: Jessica Gregg


Enjoy. Develop. Compete.

ENJOY The main reason we are all here is for the love of the game, for Rugby League to be an enjoyable experience and to have fun.

DEVELOP We are here to continually develop our knowledge and skills of the game of Rugby League, to learn to work together as a team and to keep on improving ourselves as individual people off the field.

COMPETE We aim to be successful by learning to compete and give our best effort regardless of the result, upholding our reputation as a strong and proud Rugby League Club.

2023 Confirmed Coaches

We are proud to announce the following coaches have been approved for 2023 at Carina Juniors.

U6Joel Drinnan
U6David Bylett
U7Oscar Thibault & Dan Thompson
U7Matt Pitman
U7David Stilianos
U8Brad Mathers
U8JP Robbie
U8Stacey Fulton
U9Jimmy Nolan
U9Scott Foster
U9Lyle Ferdinando & Luke Blanchard
U10Richie Sharp & Travis Stowers
U10Dave Shillington, Neil Williams & Mick Beckett
U11Tim Brady & Michael McCaffrey
U11Ashley Taunao & Dean Bensley
U12Myles Czinner
U13 Division 1Dan Tofilau
U13 Division 2Shane Mitchell
U14 Division 3Shari Holley
U15 Division 3Joel Drinnan
U17 Division 3Graham Keegan
U17 Division 4John Masters
U19 CommunityDoug Pepper
BRL U21Joe Edwards
BRL Reserve GradeAnthony Hicks
BRL A GradeMichael Spragg
Open Men Division 1Jacob Lynch
Senior Women Community NorthGregg Bridge

Code of Conduct

We at Carina display...


We ensure safety is a priority for all players, coaches, managers, committee members, officials, parents, supporters and visitors.


We show respect for the game, the facilities and all the people involved, being considerate to everyone's ability, race, age, gender and religon


We all act in a responsible manner and try to be professional at all times.


We encourage good sportsmanship to be shown by everyone, regardless of the result on the scoreboard.

Enjoyable Environment

We are all part of "The Greatest Game Of All" so let's all help make it an enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

This is just a game
We are here to encourage
The officials and coaches are volunteers


Register to play in 2024

Join us at Carina Juniors and create lasting memories, develop lifelong skills, and share in the spirit of a game we all love.